Now you drive the cloud

handCLOUD will allow you to access the most advanced technologies in service modality, in order for you to develop your activities in a simple, flexible, and integrated manner which adapts to your organization's business.

Alhambra-Eidos introduces handCLOUD as a step further in the managed services offered to customers for the past decade. Together with our experience as an integrator since 1991, we provide a differentiated and proven service.

We bring technological craftsmanship to a cloud environment because we believe that a service that can adapt and evolve with the curstomer's business is a successful service.

With handCLOUD we integrate the the cloud-based solutions that your organization needs and we make it easy, with the necessary business advice, the migration of applications and data, and the optimization of communications. Flexibility, scalability, and customization.

handCLOUD is comprised of different cloud service environments, including:


Virtual Data Center. Our commitment is to ensure the availability of infrastructure. To this end, our equipment comes from world-class manufacturers (both hardware and software). Even more important, we have a technical team with a proven expertise of more than 25 years in system integration.


The most advanced voice services in the cloud, such as VoIP provider and virtual PBX. You can access the most advanced technology in a service modality and improve your communications, while dramatically reducing your voice costs.


You can now have the most advanced videoconferencing system in the cloud, without installation costs and with significant savings and productivity improvements for you organization.

handCLOUD partners

HP EMC 2 Cisco VM Ware Microsoft Symantec Citrix Huawei

handCLOUD Clients

  • Macmillan
  • Whisbi
  • Aktua
  • Aragro
  • Bodybell
  • Praxis
  • Pixelware
  • Petchey Leisure
  • Toyota
  • Detector
  • Multigestion
  • Experian
  • Campofrio
  • Mary Kay
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