We have a commitment with our customers. We are committed with their interests and their business.

We are part of the Technology Area of many large companies in key industries of the global economy. Therefore, we need to commit and align with the requirements and demands that our customers assume daily, both in their own criteria for responsibility towards their business and in the regulatory environment in which they operate.

In Alhambra-Eidos, quality is the set of requirements that influence technological know-how as applied to our customers' business. Just fulfilling a contract is not enough. Service must be superb. Our services are key to our customers' business and the level of service can never be lower than their needs and expectations.

To ensure this commitment, Alhambra-Eidos holds several certificates, annually audited by independent firms, which acknowledge and guarantee excellence in each and every activity. They give special attention to the technological requirements that drive the business, such as the most prestigious international standards in Security, Services, Software development, and Continuity.

ISO 27018: Protection of Personal Information in the Cloud

The protection of personal information is a critical point among the measures needed by organizations to ensure the security of their information.

In anticipation of the enactment of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Alhambra-Eidos has obtained the prestigious certificate ISO27018 for the protection of personal information for all its cloud services.

This standard ensures, with more than 90 security controls on the systems where the information is hosted, that Alhambra-Eidos fully fulfills the most stringent requirements regarding the protection of personal information, which is an additional guarantee for our customers when they trust our cloud services.

We are one of the first companies in the world to obtain this certification, and we did it without justifying the exclusion of any of the controls required by the standard. We exceed all the required controls in the most rigorous standard for data protection, and we do it with a full certificate for all the services we provide our customers.

Level 3 of CMMI for Software Solutions

CMMI Level 3 accreditation as a recognition to the good work of Alhambra-Eidos' software solution development and integration teams in Madrid and in our Albacete Software Factory. CMMI is a set of international requirements to establish and improve the capacity and maturity of organizational processes in the acquisition, development, evolution, and support of software products and services.

Maturity Level 3 places us as one of the most relevant companies in the search of Quality and continuous improvement of processes related to the software's life cycle.

Thus, it is accredited that the organization manages Software Life-Cycle Processes and that the Products of the work are established, monitored, and maintained according to the standards and highest quality available in the market.

After more than 6 years of ISO15504 certification, this achievement tops the maturity in this area since more than 10 years, because projects since 2005 have been examined and they evidence the maturity and quality of the management and the standards applied by Alhambra-Eidos in its software projects.

ISO 27000 for all our managed services and cloud computing

Far from settling for the objectives met regarding quality and continuous improvement in services for customers, Alhambra-Eidos has aligned its integral management system to standard ISO27001:2013, providing additional information security assurances to our managed services and cloud computing.

Instead of committing to a partial certification for a specific set of services, Alhambra-Eidos has aligned ALL its cloud services and IT management services to this standard. This represents a strong commitment to information security management and increases our commitment to customers regarding data security.

ISO 22301 for Business Continuity in all of our services

When customers trust Alhambra-Eidos with the management of IT services, a main concern for us is to provide all guarantees regarding the continuity of our technical and management systems. This ensures our customers that the service will not be interrupted and that the attention will be ongoing and according to their needs.

To evidence this commitment, Alhambra-Eidos has aligned and certified all services with the business continuity reference standard, ISO22301.

This certificate highlights our commitment to our customers as an organization concerned with their interests and business, and an ongoing drive to take necessary measures to ensure constant services, without interruptions, always matching requirements and expectations.

ISO 20000 for all our managed services and cloud computing

Our company works towards operational excellence, building knowledge about Best Practices in IT Management Services, such as ITIL, CMMi, or the immersion into the ISO 20000 certification.

Since 2008, Alhambra-Eidos has been awarded the SERVICERT accreditation. It certifies the compliance of our communication outsourcing services with ISO/IEC 20000 regarding the service level agreement management and incident management processes for the provision of the Prinet line service.

By the end of 2013, Alhambra-Eidos had successfully completed the process for full compliance with standard ISO20001:2011 for all managed IT services, cloud computing, and multiservice networks. This is a significant step in our commitment to excellence and the continuous improvement of our services.

Once more, with the help of our whole team, we have shown that our management system is strong enough to address daily activities, as well as the control and management of our company. As commented by the auditing firm, the excellent focus on customers that we display in all of our actions and the high degree of awareness regarding the work being performed are certified.

Alhambra-Eidos is ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2005

The ISO 9000 family of standards is a set of quality standards that can be applied in any organization. Their implementation implies significant provisions and advantages for both the customers and the company.

The main benefits are:

  • Decrease of rejections and incidents in production or service provisions
  • Enhanced productivity
  • A stronger commitment to customer requirements
  • Continuous improvement

For Alhambra-Eidos, this recognition is a significant milestone that enables us to address with full assurance not only a single business activity, as it usually happens in this sector, but the whole range of activities in our service portfolio.

Alhambra-Eidos thus certifies quality in the commercialization, integration, implementation, and maintenance of ITC structures, as well as the design, development, and maintenance of software, ITC training, staff outsourcing, and related services.

This certification is not regarded as an end in itself. Instead, it is regarded as a natural consequence of our Quality system and, thereafter, establishing the room for improvement in all our processes.

Striving for a continuous improvement, we are implementing the practices established by ITIL, CMMI and PMBOK for the management of our IT services, software development and maintenance, and project management. The advantages for both customers and the company include a decrease in incidents during production or the provision of services, enhanced productivity, and a higher commitment to customer requirements.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management for all our operational processes

Alhambra-Eidos successfully completed the ambitious project of aligning with the ISO 14001 standard for all of the company's productive activities, including high environmental impact services such as our Data Center and our Cloud Computing services.

With an inherent sensitivity and respect for the environment from our very beginnings, Alhambra-Eidos signed the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact several years ago, including those regarding the respect for the environment. This Commitment to our environment through the Global Compact takes a major leap in 2016, to achieve ISO14001 environmental certification for all our operational processes. And mirroring the company's policy for other standards and best practices, we extended the audited and certified scope as far as possible, to avoid leaving it at a small residual process and without impact. We thus show our present and future commitment to the environment.

We are aware of our business' requirement for a much higher electricity demand than other productive sectors of the economy. We thus focus our efforts on reducing our carbon footprint through direct actions on our IT infrastructures and production processes, with the goal of achieving a neutral CO2 level by 2020.

This goal positions us as world leaders in environmental respect at the moment, in seeking to combine the excellence of our services to our Customers with an environmental contribution equivalent to the footprint of our activities. This is one more line of work in the direction of Corporate Social Responsibility that Alhambra-Eidos bears towards its Clients and the environment as a whole.

With this measure, clients of Alhambra-Eidos can also feel proud to contribute to a better future for our future generations by deploying their IT needs with us.

Next goals

CMMI Software Development Level 5. (AE 2020 Excellence Horizon)

ISO 20001
To widen the scope of the certification to other Group companies globally.

ISO 27001
To widen the scope of the certification to other Group companies globally.

ISO 38500
To align with the set of corporate good practices reflected in the standard, while also improving our corporate reputation.

ISO 19600
To obtain the prestigious ISO19600 compliance certification, for the whole organization and all our activities.

Transparency Project
Compartir con nuestra base de Clientes y Socios interesados nuestras Buenas Prácticas, modelo de gestión propio (SIG-AE), casos de éxito y errores aprendidos, para potenciar su propia competitividad tecnológica

Medium-term goals

ISO 38500 certification: IT governance (AE 2020 Excellence Horizon)

CMMI, Maturity Level 5 (AE 2020 Excellence Horizon)

Neutral CO2 (AE 2020 Excellence Horizon)

ISO 9001
ISO 9001

ISO 14001
ISO 14001

ISO 20001
ISO 20000

ISO 22301
ISO 22301

ISO 27001
ISO 27000

ISO 27018
ISO 27018

acreditación CMMI de nivel 3

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