RDI (Research, Development, and Innovation)

For Alhambra-Eidos, RDI is a fundamental activity to increase the company's competitiveness

As a company specialized in ITC services, and together with the experience acquired by Prologue in product development and innovation, in Alhambra-Eidos we are aware that both the speed in technological changes and the short lifecycle of products and services make competition stronger. Therefore, we consider that the only way to grow in this sector is by being active agents that create solutions, processes, and methodologies that satisfy in a novel manner the needs of our clients, not by waiting for technological changes in order to adapt to them.

In order to achieve this, Alhambra-Eidos constantly looks for innovation through the following lines of work:

  • The design and evolution of more effective methodologies and processes for the management of IT projects.

  • Cloud Computing and its optimization for the management of IT services.

  • Integration of telephony systems with management systems.

  • Operational research on the technological areas and strategic processes of the company:

    • Solutions for mobile devices
    • Telephony and IP videoconferencing networks
    • Electronic administration and services for citizens
    • Electronic signature and other security aspects
    • Development of technologies and other reusable developments for Alhambra-Eidos

  • Market research to detect unsatisfied needs for customers.

  • Collaboration with universities and leading companies in the industry (Microsoft, Cisco or other partners).

  • Active participation in events and publications.

Investment in Research, Development, and Innovation to support long-term sustainable growth

The continuity of Alhambra-Eidos' investment in RDI is guaranteed by its strategic strategic importance for management and by the increasing financial, technical, and human resources we devote to the organization and management of innovation.


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